Peach tripmovie Peachトリップムービーコンテスト

Peach tripmovie CONTEST

Peachトリップムービー コンテスト

Post a video of your trip with Peach on Instagram 
for a chance to win 200,000 JPY of Peach Points!!

Post a “Trip Movie” of your wonderful travel experiences at any Peach destination including (Seoul, Busan, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Okinawa (including the Yaeyama Islands such as Ishigaki))
with the hashtags “#peachtrip_movie” and “#(location where filmed)”!

[For example, post a video taken in Sapporo with the hashtags “#peachtrip_movie #Sapporo”]

20 Winners will get 10,000 JPY worth of Peach Points, which can be used to purchase Peach tickets.
Your video may be introduced in Peach media including SNS, website etc.

Application Period

10th June to 31st July 2016

Announcement of Winners

early August

How to apply

  • STEP 01 Install the Instagram app and follow the official Peach account.
  • STEP 02 Post a video with the hashtags “#peachtrip_movie” and “#(location where filmed)”.
  • STEP 03 Winners will be contacted via Instagram Direct

Peach Points!


View these Trip Movies by official travelers for hints!

  • Taiwan (fumiami) edition Pattern 1

  • Kyoto (minami) edition Pattern 1

  • Taiwan (fumiami) edition Pattern 2

  • Kyoto (minami) edition Pattern 2

Advice from the official Peach travelers!

  • fumiami

    Fumiami are popular “reader models” from Kansai. They currently manage the web store “jumello,” which sells items that they buy themselves overseas. The two have very busy lives – with modelling, event participation, and web store management!

  • minamicamera

    Manager of the web store “tropical dream bikini.” She sells mostly summer items, including original bikinis and bikinis she has bought overseas. She is also a popular Instagrammer with more than 50,000 followers. She has gained many fans for her camera work, which is colorful, happy, and tasteful - just like the world-view of her bikinis!

Everybody's videos


Before applying to participate in this campaign, please check the details below
and be sure that you agree before applying.

Application period
Friday 10th June to Sunday 31st July 2016
Participation method
STEP 1. Install Instagram
STEP 2. Follow the official Peach account “@flypeach” on Instagram
STEP 3. Post the video with the hashtags “#peachtrip_movie” and “#(location where filmed)”
* Be careful as videos without the hashtags or with incorrect hashtags will not be considered.
Announcement of winners
The videos will be screened by Peach Aviation and the winners will be notified in a direct message from the “@flypeach” official Instagram account of Peach. We will inform the winners that they have won and explain about the prize.
The winners should reply back within 48 hours.
* If the winner does not reply before the reply deadline, the prize will become invalid.
Web commercial announcement
To be announced on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in around middle of August

Cautions for the posting of videos

・Peach’s official Instagram account may introduce the videos posted without notification to the people who have posted them.
・Videos in violation of public order and morality and any other videos with unsuitable contents will be excluded from the campaign.
・If there are copyright or portrait rights of any third person in the video to be posted, obtain the permission necessary to use them before posting the video.

Regarding the videos posted

・The videos must be posted with the assumption that they may be made open to the public in the “Peach Trip Movie Contest.” We cannot pay any of the expenses incurred, such as for the video production.
・The selection or non-selection of videos and the schedule and period for the publication of videos shall follow the judgment criteria of the “Peach Trip Movie Contest” and Peach Aviation Limited.
No correspondence will be entered into regarding matters such as the selection or non-selection of videos.
・It must be possible to show the videos posted in a public place. We will not select any images that are in violation of public order and morality, any images that may possibly infringe on human rights or any images that are undesirable from the viewpoint of child protection. Furthermore, we will not select any videos that are politically or religiously biased.
・Minors should obtain the permission of a guardian before posting a video.
・If anyone shown in the video is a person other than the individual posting the video, then obtain the permission of the person shown before posting the video.
・If any item that is the work of a third person (such as music, art, images, or photographs) is used in the video posted, the permission necessary to use the item in the “Peach Trip Movie Contest” and on the official Peach website and official Peach SNS accounts must be obtained from that third person before the video is posted.
・ The videos posted may be modified, cut or otherwise edited for use in the web commercial. The parts to be used shall be decided by the “Peach Trip Movie Contest” personnel.

Regarding the use of music and background music

・If musical pieces or sound effects are used in the video posted, be particularly careful of the following points when selecting them.
・The sound sources used must be original music or sound sources that are free of copyright.
・If the rights to the musical pieces or sound sources that are used belong to a third person who is not the person posting the video, then the permission necessary to use the item in the “Peach Trip Movie Contest” and on the official Peach Aviation website and official Peach Aviation SNS accounts must be obtained from that third person before the video is posted.

Regarding the handling of copyright, etc.

The copyright for the videos posted belongs to the person (or group) that produced the video. The “Peach Trip Movie Contest” and Peach Aviation Limited may use and store the videos posted (in their entirety or in part) either alone or as part of an advertisement or publicity, without time limits, free of charge and non-exclusively, for the purposes (1) to (7) below:

  1. (1) Use in broadcasting, data broadcasting, Internet distribution, etc.
  2. (2) Use in public relations activities and exhibitions and in research and investigations, etc., (including publication on external Internet sites)
  3. (3) Provision to other media such as books, magazines, and DVDs.
  4. (4) Broadcasting and distribution in Japan and overseas on broadcasting stations or CATV
  5. (5) Exhibition at contests, etc., in Japan and overseas
  6. (6) Use at events, etc., in Japan and overseas
  7. (7) In addition to the above, use in all media to be developed from now onwards

The rules above may be revised. In that case, notice of the revision will be given promptly on this web page.

Regarding the handling of videos

  • * Any person may post videos to this campaign any number of times.
    ・It is necessary for minors to obtain permission from a guardian before posting a video. If a video has been posted, it will be assumed that the guardian has agreed to all of the items regarding posting.
  • * An introduction to the videos that have been posted may be posted on the official Instagram account for Peach.
  • * Please obey the following items when posting a video.
    ・If pictures of a third person are used in the video posted, obtain the permission of that person for the publication of the video on the site before posting the video. The videos posted must only be videos that have absolutely no contents that infringe on the rights of third parties, absolutely no contents that are pornographic, obscene, vulgar, blasphemous, hateful, prejudiced, racially discriminatory or mimic others and absolutely no contents that provoke, encourage or describe unfair violence.
    Also, it is not possible to post videos that use any images, characters or other items for which the rights belong to a person other than the person posting the video.。
    ・If any dispute regarding the posting of photographs arises with a third person, the person who posted the photographs is responsible for solving that dispute at his or her own expense. ・The videos posted must not contain any information such as a name, address, or telephone number that makes it possible to identify the individuals.
  • * The persons posting videos may not exercise moral rights related to the videos posted.
  • * Instagram does not support, approve, operate, or participate in this campaign

If you do not have the Instagram app,
please download it from here